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21st May 2015, HGB Leipzig, 6.30 pm

mit Text- und Bildbeiträgen von Tina Bara, Joachim Brohm, Philip Gaißer, Torsten Hattenkerl, Susanne Huth, Annette Kisling, Maren Lübbke-Tidow, Michael Mauracher, Christina Natlacen, Peter Piller, Anna Voswinckel u.a.

Über die Lehre in der Fotografie


Deutscher Fotobuchpreis 2015
Exhibition at Frankfurter Buchmesse, Frankfurt
14th - 18 th October 2015


has been nominated for the German Photobook Prize 2015

Cheap business cards sent Susanne Huth on the trail of a flourishing international trade: selling cars in upcoming cities in West Africa, cars that would be worth next to nothing on the German second-hand car market. Without committing herself to a chronological documentation, Susanne Huth's photographs taken at the shipping location in Hamburg give us an exact picture of the transfer procedure: the shabby slab building that houses the logistics firm, the transport lists and route maps, the rows of cars against a backdrop of loading cranes, the view through the car window of the interior that is used as an additional hold to accommodate more goods. (Susanne Holschbach)

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